The College Crest

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The College Crest

An integral part of the College crest is the motto 'Finis Coronat Opus' literally meaning 'the end crowns the work'.

It paraphrases the words of St Paul who said ... 'I ran the good race ... I fought the good fight. ...We will be judged by how we finish'.

Our motto advises that life will throw in a mixture of ups and downs, however if we work in a consistent manner and with faith we will be rewarded in the end.

Over the years the College has had three Crest designs. They all have in common a red cross dividing a shield into four fields.Above the shield is the College motto, below is the College name.


The fields contain the following symbols

  • The Marist symbol
  • The Southern Cross, the symbol of Australia
  • The Warratah, the symbol of New South Wales
  • An open book to symbolise learning