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The College Library is a modern purpose designed facility which aims to cater for the diverse teaching and learning needs of students and staff at Marist College, Kogarah.

Areas are provided for whole class, small group and individual work where students may use one of the 30 laptops, audio-visual equipment or a range of print resources to enable them to complete research tasks and assignments.Students printing and photocopying are also available at the library.

The library encourages students to read for enjoyment through an increasing range of fiction across a variety of genres and reading abilities. The library supports the English faculty each year as the students complete The Premier's Reading Challenge.

The library is staffed by a fulltime qualified Teacher-Librarian and one assistant who undertakes both audio-visual and library tasks.

The Teacher-Librarian is able to do the following for students and staff:

  • Plan and work collaboratively with staff
  • Ensure relevant resources, both print and nonprint are available for assignments
  • Put lists of relevant resources for assignments on the library faculty page and/or KLA faculty pages
  • Teach information skills on a needs basis to individuals, small groups and whole classes, so that assignments reflect learning and synthesis of information, not ability to cut and paste.
  • Access resources beyond the school and show students and teachers how they can also access these resources
  • Work with staff and the students WEB2.0
  • Help students with assignment work
  • Teach students how to produce a correct bibliography
  • Show students how to avoid copyright and plagiarism
  • Ensure that students can use the library OPAC and have a basic knowledge of Dewey appropriate to their needs

The library is open at the following times:

8.15 Daily, except Monday

Recess - Monday to Thursday for seniors only (Not open Friday recess)

Lunch daily for all students

After School: Monday and Fridays by request

Tuesdays: 3.15-4.30

Wednesday: 3.15-4.30 (Study class/homeworkwith KLA teachers)