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Learning Support

The Learning Support Program continues to play an integral part of college life here at Marist College Kogarah. The recognition and support of individual differences among students, provides for lifelong learning in any educational institution. This approach is encouraged at the school level through an acknowledgement of the importance of students with special needs within the framework of our school community.

Students visit the Resource Room on a 'needs' basis, for assistance with reading, the development of appropriate organisational skills, the researching of information for assignments, and other more specific issues. Some classess are also accessed by the Resource staff, in terms of offering support to individual students within the environment of a subject classroom. In this instance, we often work in a Team Teaching capacity with teachers, assisting in the literacy development of the class as a whole.

Beyond this type of individual assistance, Resource Room staff are instrumental in establishing the Special Provisions requirements with the Board of Studies for many students doing exams in Year 10 and Year 12. Reading support is also given at exam time for students in Years 7, 8, 9 and 11.

Close co-operation with other community professionals - speech pathologists, paediatricians, therapists and counsellors - is also an important feature which relates to the current overall effectiveness of this department within the school.

This department encourages ongoing communication with our parents, in an effort to assist with issues which may overlap from school to home. This has the added benefit of developing a better understanding of our students' needs, which we are then able to relate to other staff at the school, in the hope of achieving more positive outcomes for students involved.