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Creative Arts

Creative Arts covers the areas of Music, Art and Drama. In this area many students can fully develop their creative skill in a very supportive environment.

In Music students can study a variety of courses. In the junior school students

  • Are introduced to the breadth of Musical Styles
  • Learn to play musical instuments
  • Write music

In the senior school, students have the opportunity to sit for the HSC in music. The results that students achieve over the years has been most gratifying

In the subject of Art students are offered a range of courses to suit their needs. In the junior school students

  • All undertake studies in art
  • Can also undertake elective courses in Years 9 and 10

In the senior years students can undertake studies in Visual arts for their HSC.

The final area of Creative Arts is Drama.

This popular Year 9 -10 elective enables students who have talents in this creative art to showcase their abilities in a number of different performances in front of varied audiences. Integral to the study of drama  are the skills of set construction, script writing and costume design.

Drama gives the students the confidence and life skills to be confident people.