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It is mandatory of all students to study a Language Other than English (LOTE) while at High School. At Marist College Kogarah this is facilitated through the study of Italian.

This is a dynamic and challenging area of study for the students involved. Courses are offered in three distinct areas.

  • Year 8 (100 hours) for all students
  • Years 10 Elective Italian

This course is designed for those students that have an interest in the study of a language other than English. The students are introduced to the Italian language, history and culture with the aim of helping them to converse in both written and aural Italian. It goes without saying that a student who learns another language will benefit not just at school but in his adult life as well.

  • Senior Italian Continuers and Beginners

Senior Italian Continuers is designed to interest students who have shown some proficency in Italian and wish to study this language at the HSC level.

The Beginners course is for students who have no,or little knowledge of the language and have completed less than 200 hours of Italian in Years 8 to 10.