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This College has a very impressive array of facilities and equipment to enable us to offer a broad range of courses in both the junior and senior school. We have two well-equipped woodwork rooms and a metal workshop together with a Technical Drawing room and a classroom for doing theory work. The latter two rooms are equipped with computers to enable students to research their work, access the web and produce CAD drawings. Our workshops are equipped with the latest in fume and dust extraction technology to ensure a safe work environment.

Year 7 & 8 students do a mandatory course of Technology, which concentrates on design principles and how these relate to everyday life. They are involved in designing and producing items to meet specific needs in the areas of study of The Built Environments, Products and Information and Communications.

Year 9 and 10 students are offered as electives, Industrial Technology - Timber which is a basic course in cabinetwork. Students learn about the various tools, machines, materials and components that are used in the woodworking field.

Industrial Technology- Metal is a course designed to teach the fundamentals of metal work. Students learn about the materials, tools, machines that are commonly used in working with metals. In both of the above, students engage in design and making of projects that are relevant and useful.

Food Technology gives students an appreciation of basics of nutrition, food preparation and hygiene as they relate to everyday life.

Graphics Technology is a course designed to teach students how to communicate their ideas using a range of graphical forms. This is particularly relevant to technical ideas where a drawing can convey ideas and information far more efficiently than a verbal or written explanation. The use of Computer Aided Design (CAD) is taught and this course is foundational for any student hoping to do a trade course on leaving school.

Senior students in Years 11 and 12 are offered three subjects to choose for the HSC.

Industrial Technology - Timber Products and Furniture Industries. This is a predominantly practical subject whose HSC result comprises largely of an externally marked major work.

Design and Technology is a design-based subject, which also involves the making of a Major Project and the study of design principles and designers.

Engineering Studies is a foundational course for engineering that involves communication, mechanics/ hydraulics, engineering materials, historical/ societal influences, electricity/ electronics, and the scope of the profession.

The T.A.S. faculty has a staff of motivated teachers who are passionate about their subject and who exchange ideas and skills regularly.We act as a team, therefore your son can access skills from numerous teachers who work collegially.
Mr. Anthony Brown
Technological and Applied Studies Coordinator