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Everyone is aware of the importance of Mathematics in the modern world. At Marist Kogarah, mathematics is one of the core subjects studied by the students. It involves the study of patterns and relationships and provides a powerful, precise and concise means of communication.

Mathematics is a creative activity and requires the skills of observation, representation, investigation and comparison of patterns and relationships. Mathematical demands on people have changed considerably over the past few decades as all people need to be numerate and be able to solve mathematical problems and make informed decicions based on the analysis of some data.

The Maths Courses available for study in Years 7-12 are as followed:

Years 7 and 8:  Stage 4

The Stage 4 Syllabus has been organised as a single basic course for students in Years 7 and 8 leading to Pathway 5.3, Pathway 5.2 and Pathway 5.1 in Stage 5. Students study six strands of mathematics:

  • Working Mathematically
  • Space and Geometry
  • Measurement
  • Data
  • Number
  • Patterns and Algebra

Years 9 and 10: Stage 5

The Stage 5 Syllabus  aims to develop mathematical skills and confidence in students appropriate to their level of development. Students can study either :

  • Pathway 5.3
  • Pathway 5.2
  • Pathway 5.1

Years 11 and 12: Stage 6

In Stage 6 students have the choice to study either:

  • Applied Mathematics
  • General Mathematics
  • Mathematics
  • Extension 1 Mathematics
  • Extension 2 Mathematics ( Year 12 only)