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The Marist College Kogarah English Programme comprises a number of units of work that cover a large variety of activities assessing the mandatory modes of reading, writing, speaking, listening, viewing and representing as prescribed by the New South Wales Board of Studies.

All of our programmes at the College recognise that language growth is vital to the students' growth as thinking, feeling people. Since language is such an integral part of all human development and experiences, students should be involved in purposeful language activities that are appropriate to their needs, interests and abilities.These activities will reflect the spirit and direction of the NSW Board of Studies Year 7-10 English Syllabus (2003), the Stage 6 English Syllabus (1999) and the Catholic Education Office' Sense of the Sacred. Literacy skills across all modes, critical literacy, numercy, study skills, Information Communication  Technology (ICT), peer and self reflection on the learning processes are given appropriate emphasis in the development of teaching programmes at Marist College Kogarah.

All types of texts are to be integrated into units throughout the course of the year.The language skills/ text types linked to the programme are mandatory in each year group and these must be intergrated into teaching units and class assessments throughout the year.These skills must be taught in context not in isolation.

The overall aim of the English Department at Marist College Kogarah is to enable students to understand, enjoy, and value the English language in its different textual forms and to become thoughtful, imaginative, effective and critical communicators.These qualities are developed within the framework of the College Mission statement and reflect the attitudes and values of our Catholic school.

Types of Texts Studied:

  • Picture Books
  • Novels
  • Film
  • Short stories
  • Fiction
  • Non-Fiction
  • Drama (including Shakespeare in Stage 5) 

Focusing on :

  • Cultural influence and context
  • Gender
  • Literature

Senior Courses offered:

  • English Studies (CEC course)
  • Standard English
  • Advanced English
  • Extension 1  ( HSC only)
  • Extension 2  (HSC only)
  • ESL
  • Fundamentals of English