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Sport at MCK

Sport is an integral part of a school like Marist Kogarah. We have had a proud tradition of students going on to represent, District, State and Australian teams in many sports. We have had students win Olympic Gold medals and others who have represented Australia in Cricket, Rugby League and Basketball. Below is a list of sports that students can represent the school in:

  • Athletics
  • Soccer
  • League
  • Cricket
  • Touch
  • Golf
  • Basketball
  • Cross Country running
  • Swimming
  • Tennis

Metropolitian Catholic Schools Competition (MCC)
We are involved in the Metropolitan Catholic Schools Competition in many of these sports. Consistent results over the years have consolidated our position as one of the strongest schools in the MCC Competition. (Please see MCC results and tables section in website)

Credit for this must also be given to the coaches. It is they who give of their own time to nurture and improve both the individual skills and teamwork of their sides. Sport would not be an option for students if we did not have these coaches.

Combined Catholic College Sports (CCC sport)
Students with an exceptional sporting ability also have the opportunity to represent their school in CCC sports. Please see the CCC calendar (on website) if your son is interested in competing at the highest schoolboy level.

Thursday afternoon sport
Thursday afternoons are also an opportunity for students to participate in internal sport, both with and against their classmates. Sports offered include fitness, tennis, basketball, indoor soccer, indoor cricket, touch, table tennis, ice skating and softball. Our senior students have the opportunity to have supervised study in the library during sport.

Sport is a part of every students life at MCK, and it provides a great opportunity for them to interact with each other outside the classroom. We are all aware of the recent and continuing studies into the high rates of childhood obesity. This has highlighted the importance of regular physical activity to the wellbeing of young people as they grow and develop.

Thursday Sports Uniform
Marist College Kogarah prides itself on a sports uniform that represents over 100 years of sport and is highly recognizable in the wider community. The Marist College Sports Uniform is:

Red and White MCK collared shirt

Blue Navy shorts with MCK emblem

MCK socks

Predominately white sandshoes with a

House shirt is required for activities during sport

If your son does not have any part of this uniform he must wear his Full School Uniform with a note signed by you to allow him to compete in sport that afternoon.

It is on this note that I applaud every student who makes regular physical activity a part of their life. Should you choose to continue this involvement in sport, the benefits are not just physical, but mental and social as well. It has been proven that students who are active are generally healthier, happier and socially well adjusted members of our society.