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5. Web Site History 1999 - 2012

A Brief History

The college first started a Web site in 1999 (Version 1.0). In those far off days it was a small affair with a few dozen pages. In 2000 the site was hit about 1500 times (Version 2.0). Over the last six years a number of re-designs have been undertaken. It was decided at the end of 2003 to fully re-design the web site to make it a tool that would reflect the growing importance of the internet as a souces of information about the school. A Wollongong based company Conexis IT Solutions undertook this task. The present design was launched in March 2004 (Versions 3.0, 3.1, 3.2). At present it contains about 1250 pages of information. In 2008 Conexis were contracted to complete a full re-design and update of the website. It is planned to have the refurbished website operational in Feb 2010 (Version 4.0).

The Websites main function is to present all facets of the school to the wider community. It is important that websites remain current. To facilitate this the website is usually updated at least two to three times per week. Our website contains a number of broad areas such as:

  • A detailed College History (over 200 pages as of January 2010)
  • A College Honour Roll (details of over 100 ex students and staff)
  • Ex-students and P&F sections
    A Curriculum Section (full details of school curriculum, assessments and assessment policies for 2010)
  • A Sports Section
  • A College Handbook for 2010
  • The College Newsletter (over 170 newsletters archived from 2004)
  • A College Documents Section including 30 detailed school policies
    Daily Events. (updated twice per week)
  • Links to MyInternet and our Information Technology Usage policy

Below are some graphics showing some interesting statistics. In March 2004 we had about 200 visits to the site. By August 2009 this has increased to 3,400. Also of great interest is the country of origin of people who access the site. Over the last six months between 25 to 35% of the hits come from the USA. In 2009 the site was visited over 40,000 times. On average the site was accessed about 100 times each day of the year.